Why use Profiling?

Most training programs and packages recognise work based experience as an integral part in the development of a well-rounded, competent and qualified workforce. In some instances, it is mandatory for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to collect evidence from the workplace to help them monitor and assess a trainee or apprentice’s competency development.

Gathering work based evidence for assessing training outcomes, requires a tri-party arrangement between the apprentice, trainee or employee, their manager or supervisor and a third party such as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or HR department.  


For many years trainers, HR managers and workplace supervisors relied on paper based systems and logbooks to track the on the job experiences of their trainees, apprentices and staff, which was both costly and cumbersome. They need a good quality, efficient and cost effective way of gathering this information.

Our innovative profile21 application, removes the stress and workload of tracking training and development by providing a flexible, web based system with only a small weekly investment and no development fees. In some instances, this results in the award of a national qualification, for example in the electrical industry.